5 Ways to Improve the Online Appointment Scheduling Experience
May 26, 2019

5 Ways to Improve the Online Appointment Scheduling Experience

According to Orbis Research, as reported by Reuters, customer appointment scheduling software is projected to have a considerably increased market size by 2023. While this is great for business, it also means competition is growing alongside.

Even in its relative infancy, finding ways to improve the online appointment scheduling experience for customers means you can stay out ahead of such competition. These 5 tips help to show you how.

Prove Your Ingenuity

Aberdeen market intelligence reports show that for trends in 2018, the retention rate for “companies with a well-crafted customer service approach” is at a rate of 92%. Providing well-crafted appointment scheduling software means you will impress users and ensure they come back for more of the same.

Well-crafted means clever, but it doesn't mean complicated. Your ingenuity should provide scheduling services which are intuitive to use and don't need a compass to navigate. As soon as a customer begins their scheduling experience, they should know that it is going to end well.

Make your selections obvious and don't complicate the initial descriptions, there will be plenty of opportunity to see details later. Also, make the drop down menus searchable for quick access. Let the software offer the times available in a timetable grid so that customers can see what is available in real time, not in the abstract.

Having scheduling software eliminate unsuitable options as selections are made from personalized categories means users are lead directly to where they want to go. The most ingenious software is that which stays at least one step ahead of the user.

Open Up Your Marketplace

Whatever program you run (art classes, exercise groups, dance tutorials, etc.), you will likely have a wide variety of options available. This could be in terms of tutors you have available, levels of skill or any sort of qualifier you place on your classes or events.

Making sure all of these options don't overwhelm potential clients is vital. Eventify allows you to keep all of these options in a bespoke marketplace with an attractive visual approach and a clear layout to distinguish between options.

Be There When They Need You (embedding)

With such diverse options on offer, sifting between all the options can be confusing. Before they get the scheduling stage, you may want to show off your classes with tutor profiles, workshop information or even testimonials from satisfied customers. You may even want to organize your groups through social media platforms.

Eventify allows you to ensure once a user has found what they are looking for, you can make sure you are right there for the next step. By embedding your scheduling software in your webpages or social media profile, you can make the decision to join that much easier.

5 ways to improve 2

Get Personal

When the schedule, age group or whatever criteria you use to subdivide your groups have been selected, it will bring up a description of the event as well as the pertinent practical information they need to know before scheduling.

The right scheduling software is the one which knows how to appeal to their demographics. Use appropriate pictures to display your wares. Millennials in particular engage visually like no other. With competition so high on social media, it is not hard to understand the importance of standing out in the looks department. You may have a great spin class, but if you use a picture of a sad lonely exercise bike from the 1970s, users won't see it reflected as part of their lifestyle.

Also provide the right style of description for your demographic, display appropriate prices and ensure the sense of community is there from the get go. Make scheduling a class seem like an invitation to something unmissable and clients won't want to miss out.

It Needs to Save You Time

Scheduling software makes it easier for the user, but it also takes away some of the burden for the organizer. All possible information needs to be obvious to the user so they won't needlessly get in touch. If they do, they often unintentionally take up too much of your time.

Have fill in forms which provide all the information you need and ensure this is passed on to the right person. Your scheduling software should do this automatically and reduce your administration load so you can focus on other areas.

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