Connecting social impact with the economy growth
March 18, 2017

Connecting social impact with the economy growth

These days, there is too much talk about the economy and increment consumption. Most of the focus is on the goods and technology rather than on the service layer.

Producing more goods is not good for the ecology and it makes people too oriented in the materialistic direction. However, incrementing services is much less limited and can bring a lot of value.

Let’s talk a bit about the kinds of services that can be sold, such as: health care, repair and maintenance, beauty, tourism, entertainment and education. The last two are often put separately which means that they are perceived as independent categories. Such a view leads to the loss of attention on these very important areas of service — those related to hobbies for your inner self-development. (They include whatever you can imagine from those words: from yoga/meditation, music and drawing classes to extreme sports.)

People who are providing a variety of events and activities, as well as teaching in private, have a very specific and totally non-entrepreneurial set of mind. They are deeply committed to what they do, but in 99% of all cases, they are unable to build a sustainable business. In the meantime, the social impact from what they are doing is extremely high for those people who they managed to get as clients.

There must be a greater connection between those who need to find self-development activities to live a more balanced life (especially women), and those who provide educational and entertaining activities and services. The world is actually very demanding for us as women. In order to feel we are successful, we need to be good mothers, professionals and wives. Sometimes it can become very challenging and stressful.

Millions of women suffer from depressive states of mind when they are not able to understand how to find energy to bring joy to their lives and appreciate every moment of it. Do you know that having a hobby and taking time for yourself — during which you can express your emotions, experience nature, and make something with your hands — brings an incomparable amount of renovating energy to your soul? The process of creation brings us to a different level of life perception.

It is extremely hard to deeply understand that the only way to your own happiness and life satisfaction is inside yourself. And it requires a lot of will to push yourself towards a real action.

Not a fake one, like shopping, eating and spending time in social networks. Big economy is based on small actions and sales.

Find your motivation to spend more time on creative and meaningful hobbies, and everyone wins. Not only will you initiate new sales possibilities for skilled people who provide experiences and services (existing and potential ones), but your incremental actions for yourself will produce big gains in your own energy, joy and life fulfilment.

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