How to Choose the Best Scheduling Software
May 21, 2019

How to Choose the Best Scheduling Software

Desktop scheduling software is useful when you want to keep yourself organized. You can schedule appointments and leave notes which adhere to your own methods and priorities. However, if even one other person begins to schedule meetings on your behalf or create tasks for themselves, things can get complicated very quickly.

For art enterprises, theatre schools, sports clubs, pubic policy meetings or anything where you have a disparate group of people coming together for the same event, you need scheduling software which can handle such a diverse range of elements. Here's what you need to look for.

Makes it Easy to Use

The schedules we keep for ourselves often read like code to other people. The acronyms, symbols and shorthand we have become used to may make it easier for us, but others need Turing-grade analytical skills to interpret.

Your scheduling software needs to be so intuitive even basic level operators can navigate the system. There needs to be no ambiguity and clear presentation is essential. Many of the classes or events you want to schedule are for relative newcomers and an overcomplicated scheduling system can put them off before they even set foot in a yoga class, community center or whatever event you create.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by using drop down categorized menus. Start by selecting an area of interest. For example, you might want to brush up on your painting skills so you select a range of art classes. To fit with our busy schedules, we can select a time of day where we can be available. We will need to enter a location (there's no point in finding a class at a certain time if it is going to take you longer than you have to get there) and then add any other categories which are important. These are likely to include important aspects such as age range and skill levels.

With the right scheduling software, your available programs will show up in a handy calendar format. Just click on what is suitable and all the relevant information will appear. Pricing, community guidelines or whatever you want to include will be presented to the interested party and their confirmation can automatically schedule their attendance.

Can Reduce Your Admin Strain

Your scheduling software isn't just going to make it easy for your community members, it's going to make things run smoothly for organizers. Previously, we might have had a telephone number where we discuss the details of our event or scheme to interested parties. We then go through the process of manually checking availability, sometimes with the outcome being that the class is full and we have wasted everybody's time in the process.

The right scheduling software will allow you to provide all the information required directly in your calendar. Visitors will have already selected the main criteria in the scheduling selections. This means you can reserve the event section for more general information as well as FAQs, allowing you to answer general enquiries once and for all.

All pertinent contact information will also be present (including maps to the address, pricing for classes, etc.), so you can still make yourself available when needed. This saves you valuable time for administration which you can now use to make the content of your class unforgettable.


Can Make You Look Presentable

The kind of scheduling software you are looking for is one which is not only practical, but visually appealing. It will show potential attendees that you are professional at what you do, not just a glorified community cork board.

With a gallery style marketplace for events, you can use the bespoke scheduling software to present yourself as the kind of event provider you want to be. This means you are able to sell the lifestyle around the activity as much as the activity itself. You can showcase yourself against other brands and communities, proving that you are able to put your money where your mouth is. With clear pricing and multiple language options, you can promote all of your activities in one place with ease.

The right scheduling software streamlines information for both you and the customer, simplifies complicated scheduling issues and promotes your brand to a larger marketplace. Take a look at our Eventify demo to see how all these needs are met and then some.

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