How to find a ballet studio in Madrid
July 06, 2019

How to find a ballet studio in Madrid

Ksenia is 31 years old and she works as a construction engineer. Her tasks include managing projects and building sites, making all the necessary calculations. "My work requires a huge responsibility. After work, my only wish is to stop the thinking process and mentally relax, switch to personal life."

Every time while travelling and visiting other countries, Ksenia attends a ballet lesson. She has been dancing for quite a long time as an adult and she is curious to get to know different ballet teachers and like-minded people, compare the way ballet is taught in different countries. Every year, Ksenia starts preparing a travel programme 6 months ahead because, in order to find the dance schools and studios, check their location and timetable (in foreign language), a huge amount of time should be devoted.

"It takes around 2–3 weeks of the correspondence between the studio owner and me to secure my place and confirm the details. Around half of the emails I send are not being responded at all."


Even if you think that your place in the studio is secured, a lot of things can go wrong, especially if you are trying to do that in a foreign country. As a consequence, it causes a huge loss of time from the visitor’s side and the possibility of losing the potential client for the organiser. "Last time when I went to the Madrid School of Ballet and tried to explain them in my broken Spanish that I want to attend their lesson, they barely understood me and said in Spanish that this is a governmental school and they have no idea how I was able to book a spot to the ballet lesson. It turned out that the building I was looking for was just across the street. Eventually, I got there. It was a wonderful lesson, I have met a lot of cool like-minded people. But the way I was searching for it… it was terrible."

You can check it yourself — choose the non-English-speaking city, choose the activity you want to visit and google it. How quickly you will be able to find and book a spot in the yoga studio in Naples during your stay in Italy (not Naples, FL as Google suggests)? How quickly you will be able to find a visit an Aikido studio in Hannover, Germany without a German language knowledge and clear scheduling on their website? The world needs a universal platform, which will finally fill the gap between organisers and end users like you and me.


By building Eventify Marketplace, we are solving the global problem of clear scheduling of the studios and schools. You will be able to do your favourite activities everywhere. From Paris to Tokyo in just a couple of minutes, you will be able to find the most attractive studio, read about it in your own language, book and pay for your spot. Isn’t wonderful to meet people all around the world, who love the same activities as you do? Avoid the long-lasting and tedious searching process when you move to another country? Or simply find the studio in your local area quickly and efficiently?

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