Why Facebook search is dying
August 05, 2019

Why Facebook search is dying

Unfortunately, many Estonian organisers don’t realise that the information about them is not visible and their potential client does not even know about their existence. We don’t even talk about the representation of the information on the website, just the fact that visitors do not have any idea that they exist. The majority of the organisers end up with a website, Instagram and Facebook page, sometimes only Facebook.

But why Facebook absolutely does not help to find their courses and events?

  1. The search is extremely inconvenient, it is difficult to get what you want. Sometimes you get a couple of studios, which name coincided with your keywords. Sometimes it’s just useless text.


  2. Only if you know the exact name of the studio, you will be able to find their Facebook page. But after that, you start scrolling and scrolling through the page to find information about the most important information — scheduling. And it’s simply not there. You realise that it can be on their website, so go there and try to find the information but you cannot find it again. Maybe, because of the poor website layout, maybe because the timetable is not there at all (or outdated) because organisers forgot to update it.

What happens next? You need to call the owner/teacher/trainer. Most of the people give up at this point: either they could just not receive an answer because the owner is busy with class or just postpone the call and forget about it. Another missing opportunity.

If all the organisers, small and big, would have the information in one place and it would be structured in the same way, for the end-users it would be amazing since they will know exactly where to look at. No, organisers will not lose their individuality. Their website will remain their signature. But the key information, including prices, description and schedule will be standardized.


“I think that it is extremely important to have clear scheduling because this is one of the most important things in our modern, busy life. As a person, who is feels a lot of responsibility for everything I plan or create, I know how difficult it is to plan your family schedule. In case you are looking for a course not only for yourself but also for your child and husband and in addition, would like to attend the training with a friend, it is impossible. That’s why the easy and clear schedule is a must-have.” - says Ksenia.

Our platform solves all of these problems, which were haunting us for years. It gives an opportunity to make life easier for both organisers and visitors by providing a ready-made solution to complicated scheduling and overwhelming information. It’s time for the future to finally arrive in such an amazing industry of recreational and meaningful activities.

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