Eventify Booking

Eventify Booking allows you to speed up your administration processes while getting more signups. We aim to make the booking process a pleasant and effective experience for your visitors. It also allows you to collect all necessary information without a need of any additional tools like stylesheets or forms.


Easy set up for a big number of repeating events

Quick and easy booking configuration for the events with any kind of scheduling including regular (periodical) events

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Capacity control

Events capacity setup and validation

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Personal data collection

Form builder allows setting a list of fields of different types inquiring the personal details during the booking process

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Fields types: text, text area, e-mail, number

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Customizable text in the confirmation emails

Possibility to customize confirmation e-mails for both organiser and visitor

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Multi-language forms

Multi-languages: possibility to assign different forms for different languages display of the events

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Shared user-base for faster booking

The intuitive and fast booking process for the end users including a seamless user creation process

Centralised cross-organisers Eventify users base allows users to have a single account across a big number of events organisers.

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Centralised offline sales

Possibility to make a booking by the organiser (for his own accountancy and to reserve a slot).

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Reservations with and without payments

Possibility to offer reservation with and without payment integration.

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Fast booking with saved cards

Providing the visitor with an opportunity to use and save credit cards for future bookings in order to speed up the booking process

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Different prices per booking

Possibility to offer multiple prices for an event leaving the end user a possibility to make a price selection per each ticket

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  • Higher conversion due to the ease and speed of the booking process.
  • Minimised time for the administrative tasks.
  • Modern, attractive design and high functionality.


Increased sales
Enhanced branding


Clients management

Clients management functionality allowing to store client data and link client directly to the booking. Content-specific form fields based on the most common usage (i.e. "first name", "last name", "birthdate" etc.) allowing to reuse data across different organisers thus accelerating the booking process.

Reservation process

  • Speedy booking for the previously abandoned attempts.
  • Subscriptions (monthly / semestral / yearly) for regular events.
  • Edit or cancel the existing reservation by the visitor directly.
  • Waiting lists with a speedy booking for the released spot.
  • Target audience validation tool in order to get initial traction and validate time / location conditions before taking a risk of organising an actual event.


  • Prepaid cards for a number of events that can be used as a payment method for the reservations.
  • Payment integrations for the Russian and European markets.

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