Eventify Calendar

Eventify Calendar is targeting small and very small events businesses.

It combines the power of high-level of flexibility with the clean and very intuitive user-interface. It matches the design of any website and is very easy to embed.


Clean presentation

All of the varieties of your events and activities are clear and easy to understand

alt text

Different views

Multiple presentation modes each representing a distinct viewer's context

alt text

Multi-language content

Multi-language capabilities to show event descriptions in any language

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Quick search

Advanced filters to find relevant events quickly and efficiently

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Color customization

Color customization to match your website branding

alt text

Easy website integration

Very simple integration with your website

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Booking integration

Seamless integration with Eventify Booking

alt text

Easy administration

Very easy to administer events data thanks to Eventify Cloud

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  • Boost credibility with the most attractive and easy-to-use calendar on the market
  • Help website visitors find the event, they're looking for, in seconds Enhance your branding with a visually appealing calendar
  • Easily update the calendar internally to save time and money


Reduced operational costs
Increased sales
Enhanced branding

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