Eventify Calendar: Dan-za studio experience
May 13, 2019

Eventify Calendar: Dan-za studio experience

How can you provide the best possible experience for your event visitors? We all know that the first impression is important and your website is the first place customers will go to visit your fitness centre or creative studio.

More and more organizers invest their time and resources in building a stylish website, branding and social media marketing to get more visitors. Unfortunately, many of them forget about such simple thing as clear scheduling and event description. Using tables full of unclear text leads the potential visitor to confusion, which can hardly evoke any desire to attend an event, no matter how great it actually is.

Let's be honest – in our busy modern life, we want to get the right information as quickly as possible and avoid additional communication with organizers to double check the location of the studio for our Flamenco class on Friday.

Natalia, director of the dance studio Dan-za in Brussels, agreed to share her story and challenges with us. The Dan-za academy, founded in 2014, offers multiple disciplines for kids, teens and adults, such as Zumba, Hip-hop and a Literature club. They built their website the same year when they were founded but spent years trying to determine the optional scheduling solution.

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"Before we discovered Eventify Calendar, the representation of the schedule on our website was constantly changing. I was looking for a solution, which would offer a convenient way to present our calendar for our website visitors, so it would be detailed enough but compact at the same time. Alas, every time I was noticing the lack of structure, which fueled the number of questions and phone calls from our clients. Our main problem was that our studios have different locations in Brussels and it was hard to display them all on a single page."

How does the perfect Calendar look like? It should reflect all the relevant information as efficiently as possible, easy to navigate for users of all ages, be visually attractive and fit into your website color scheme.

Your customers should enjoy your studio even before coming to the studio!


"When Eventify offered us an opportunity to show a calendar as a structured interactive table, it gave a very clear overview of all our courses for everyone, who visits our website. Moreover, I started to receive a lot of positive feedback about our studio and Eventify Calendar – everybody said that it became very easy and time efficient to find activities by required dates or locations. Yes, Eventify allowed us to present everything just as we wanted."

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