Women Ambitious
April 09, 2019

Women Ambitious

35% attendee growth since switching to this solution

40 Hours/month of admin work has been saved since implementing this solution

WomenAmbition is a global organization that helps to improve the wellbeing of female founders through local chapters and online community programs. They run events in cities all over the globe including Barcelona, NYC, San Diego, Budapest, Leon, Dubai and Berlin.


When they started the organization they managed everything internally and quickly realized the need to delegate tasks to local city directors to be able to scale. They also realized the need to provide a quick and easy user experience for event attendees, who are women entrepreneurs with very little time and patience. They wanted an all-in-one solution to allow users to search for, find and book events all in a couple of clicks while allowing city directors to add their city's new events directly to the website.


They tried to use various different solutions such as sharing the events on multiple event platforms and manually adding the events on the website but it was chaotic and messy.

Every time a small detail had to be edited it took hours to update on all the event promotion pages. In addition to the mess of having attendee data and event promotion all over the place, city directors felt constricted having to depend on the admins to add or update all of the events planned.


"The amount of time my team has saved by using Eventify Life pays for this solution 10X over and has allowed us to focus our efforts on scaling the organization" Kelly Rogan, Founder WomenAmbition

Once WomenAmbition started to use Eventify Life's Calendar and Booking products they had an immediate improvement in overall time spent managing the events, ability to scale and run more events and an increase in event attendance.

They embedded the calendar onto their website, which allowed users to quickly search for events and find exactly what they were looking for within seconds. They also had all of the city directors sign up to the Calendar to be able to add events directly on the website in just a couple of minutes.

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Since using Eventify's Calendar and Booking WomenAmbition has been able to open chapters in 4 more cities with plans to expand to 6 more throughout the year.

"WomenAmbition needed a simple, easy-to-use and attractive solution that could help us scale at an affordable cost, Eventify Life is that solution and we couldn't be happier!"Kelly Rogan, Founder WomenAmbition

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