Eventify Cloud

Eventify Cloud is a unique solution that brings together all the informational processes related to events management and promotion.

It is a centralised hub with inbound events information from their organisers and outbound — for their promoters.

Eventify Cloud will offer zoon Zapier integations in order to connect with different accounting and CRM solutions. It is natively integrated with own Eventify Life products related to promotion and ticketing.

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What problems does it solve?

  • Currently, all events related systems are completely independent. For any action related to the promotion, ticketing or reservation and accounting there is a time-consuming process.

    Very often event organisers are forced to repeat the same data entry for multiple platforms followed by the final accounting processes.

  • User base across different platforms is never shared. People receive lots of irrelevant advertising which leads to not noticing what really matches their needs.

    Or they don't follow any advertising at all which leads basically to the same result. For that reason, organisers don't have the best solution to advertise their events to the right people.

    All of this leads to the unused potential of the events market, especially in the segments of small and very small low-budget events and classes.

Global solution overview

  • We offer an events cloud that can be connected to anything related to the promotions, ticketing and accounting.
  • As part of our events cloud, we have users that have an ability to become a part of a centralised target audience «basket». With the use of detailed request criteria, users can be advertised in a very efficient and beneficial for both parties way.


Ease of use for the least technical people

User-friendly interface allows entering events details. It is oriented on people with very low technical skills.

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Single event for repeating activities

Single event description that can be easily mapped to many different time sessions in different locations.

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Extensive multilanguage support

A multilanguage aspect of any piece of data that describes an event and its practical details.

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Minimization of data entry

Practical details that can be shared across multiple events reducing data entry time. Used for holiday breaks, public holidays, contacts, pricing categories and bank transfer credentials.

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Structured descriptive information

Separation of the concepts that describe event into distinct fields.

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Seamless integration with Eventify Booking, Calendar and Connect products

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  • Single storage of all the events of the organiser and possibility to push them to different promotional platforms allows minimising operational costs.
  • The combination of flexibility and simplicity opens this product to any kind of event organiser.
  • Convenient tool for self-management of own events data.
  • Possibility to have an all-in-one process for promotion, ticketing and accounting.


Saves operational costs
Makes you free from your routine and releases energy for creativity.


  • The events subscription model that allows users receiving advertising only for events that match specific criteria based on many detailed filters.
  • Usability enhancements for multi-language features.
  • Filtering possibilities for the page with the list of organiser events
  • Open API for third party plugins and custom integrations.
  • Simplified interface for events with very few scheduling complexities.

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