Eventify Connect

Eventify Connect is targeting cultural and sports centres and associations, regional or city governance (cultural or sports departments) and any other organisation that is promoting events and regular activities.

What problems does it solve?

  • A time-consuming and unstable process of obtaining information about activities and their scheduling from the actual organisers in order to display it on the aggregators' website.
  • There is a large volume of data about activities with very few filtering capacities, which significantly reduces the possibilities to be found by the relevant audience with their very concrete demands.
  • Lack of centralised data storage in order to have internal visibility about all the activities happening in the centre or geography.

Global solution overview

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Fetching events from the shared cloud

Automatically fetch events from the independent organizers stored in the Eventify Cloud based on the filtering criteria for your website

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Search filters customization

Customize and offer easy to use event search options to your website visitors

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Clean presentation

Present activities in a clear & visually attractive way

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Booking integration

Connect the Eventify Booking module for the seamless and quick booking experience for customers

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  • Minimized operational costs dealing with the inbound collection of information about events and their updates
  • Empowered promotion of the events
  • Easily update the calendar internally to save time and money


Minimized operational costs
Increased sales
Enhanced branding


  • Selection of the color theme
  • JS Widget vs. iFrame
  • Self-service for all the settings
  • Automated organizer on-boarding journey
  • Content approval automation

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