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Eventify Life offers a completely free of charge platform that makes promotion and discovery of events and classes amazingly effective.

How is it different from all other event aggregators

It gives the full power for organizers and people who search

There is no possibility to get an event on the top of the results page. We want people to find what matches their search criteria and not being pushed by paid advertising. This also gives equal chances for event organisers with small budgets.

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Visitors can access all events categories on a single page

There are no different pages for concerts, theater, classes etc. We believe that such split is a waste of your time. Using formats and two-level categories you can find concerts and classes in a single request.

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Visitors can find events organised on their preferred languages

We support multilanguage cities and bring you the possibility to find events organised on specific language(s). And we also allow to describe events on many languages and adapt the view based on the visitors language skills.

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Visitors can easily find a match to their personal agenda

Your time is prescious and we made our search the way that it lets you find events and classes that fit exact time slots when you're available.

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The lightweight presentation keeps visitors mind relaxed

Your eyes and mind should be resting while searching for the best timespent for you and your family. All practical information on the event page is visually structured and requires a minimum processing effort.

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